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March 22, 2010


Franklin Slaton

Glad you got a picture of the kitchen, wish you'd taken more. I never made it over there to see it.


Oh, I took more, closer in, I just didnt want to post them all in a basic recap.  I will post all of it in time, since theres Demand.

What image are you getting your diamond embellishment from on your Roman pajamas?

Franklin Slaton

All of the primo images I'm referencing are from an out-of-print book I stole from Robert. Justinian's Wars: Belisarius, Narses and the Reconquest of the West by Roy Boss, Robert Chapman and Peter Garriock. I knew about the book from online forums, searched endlessly for it and never found anything for less than $100+. Then I'm over at Rob's house one day and there it is on his shelf. The same bookcase I've gleaned a million and a half times over the last 10 years. I know his Roman/Arthurian/Germanic/Byzantine library better than he does. Ain't that always the way?

Anyhoo, depictions come from the Bordj Djedid mosaics, the 4th cent Column of Arcadius, the Mt. Nebo mosaics, an ivory plaque depicting the life of St. Paul, carvings on the side of Maximian's chair in Ravenna, the Barberini diptych, and the Isola Rizzola dish. The clearest representations are from the chair and the diptych, and they seem to consistently show a diamond-oriented crosshatch pattern. I always assumed it was embroidered decoration, but when I saw Elspeth's yardage it just "clicked". There are no extant examples so it's anybody's guess, but I'd say this makes for a plausible educated guess. And I think the end result will be gorgeous.

Interestingly, the book constantly refers to the wide decorated trousers as a "Germanic/Iranian" design. I can't figure out why or how or where those two cultures would have much crossover.

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