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January 18, 2010


Jerusha Kilgore

If you've got one, I'd like to see a picture of the spear and the thingy .....

Are there more pictures? I've got a job interview in Marietta tomorrow. Details on LiveJournal -- all my students are on Facebook!

Jerusha Kilgore

One more question ... how much fabric did you use? I've not some nummy yellow wool that wants to be one of those .....


Jerusha -

I used 3 yards of 60" wide navy herringbone wool, tropical suiting weight, for the Florentine gown, and we needed 2 yards for the sleeves of a different fabric. I happened to have the wool already. Because mom is a beginner, and I think it's more important to get the impression right at first, and then worry about fiber and weave as one learns the nooks and crannies that supply the right ones, we used blockprinted cotton for her reversible sleeves. This enabled me to explain about period repeatable patterns and colors, though Florence offers more options farther down the class ladder than many places, due to it being a center of textile production.

I'm sorry, I don't have more/better pictures of the atlatl or the dart.

Mike Moulton

How Period is the Atlatl for SCA purposes? Did Anyone in Europe during our time period use it or even see it?
(You probably won't know, I'm just poking at you)
Glad to see you updating these pages.

Christopher Michael Erickson

I am the guy who SLAYED the monkey that is tied to the Hay bail! :D omg, I can't believe there is a pic up of it.

It was quite amusing getting called Monkey Slayer for the rest of the event. I kept him too as a prize!

Lord Triúnn Mæginbiörnson of Redewolfden in Merdies.

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