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October 22, 2009


susan atkinson

hello, while looking for Dorset foldable loom i found your blog. I live in Costa Rica, central america and work with the indegenous indians the Borucans...they are masters of the backstrap loom (see www.borucacr.org)...i am introducing them to the floor loom and taking the head lady to guatemala this july to study on the large counterbalance looms there. I am researching trying to get plans to build them a loom here, we need to build it as opposed to buying a loom in the states, costs and shipping factors. So i have a few plans, and again i am not a weaver so know nothing about the better loom, the jack or the counterbalance...i have the plans for bought, I have the book by Worst on building the hugh looms, like in guatemala..but they are so large and not practical in the space they require. I finally found a plan on the web by Travis Meinolf, on building a collasible counterbalance loom. The frame supports are not the "X" type but square framing..google "collapsible loom by Meinolf" or "actionweaver". I am thinking this is what i will build...looking at the the Dorset loom (schacht) it seems a bit more sturdier. I guess i am writing you to get your opinion on this, as i appreciated what you wrote on the blog about you prefering the c/b to the jack, even though you have a jack foldable for travel...so if a foldable c/b loom is buildable this seems the best of all the solutions ??? thank you for your time and opinions, and any other info or ideas you can supply me with. Thank you susan atkinson, costa rica, eco lodge pacific edge.

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