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September 21, 2009



Greet, you document so well...

The foot operated hammer is called a Treadle hammer. It's a modern invention, though something medieaval could have been made similar. It helps when I don't have a third hand around. It also has stretching dies as well as flatting dies.

The blown anvil was indeed blown in half. I repaired it using a hardened tooth from a loader bucket and a lot of welding rods.



More info about the anvils from Carl:

The "cold" work anvil is English, quite likely a Mousehole, defiantly after 1830. The "hot" anvil is most likely a Fisher-Norris cast iron anvil with a steel face. They perfected the method of getting the steel face to adhere to the body in the mold. They placed the gates in the mold so the molten iron would flow across the steel face and heat it so it will stick to the cast iron body.

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