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July 26, 2009



that's some setup you have there!

I've enjoyed following the string skirt thread. I'm familiar with the skirt, but I've never studied it in detail.


Thanks, Ann! (notice, I *finally* got into the academic Barber, after reading Women's Work on my way to my first event in March 2006! Thanks for putting me onto this road.)

Now that I've done this, I'm feeling more confident about setting up a warp-weighted loom warp. Have you done that sort of weaving?


I've done warp weighted once--very long ago, very ignorant (don't try this if the free yarn you have on hand is soft twisted lopi :-)

Of course, now that you've experience "tablet weaving with fringe" -- that's how some warp-weighted projects were done, with a tablet woven header for strength and to space out the warp, and the "fringe" as the warp. (I'm away from home and books--I assume that the warp was cut when you tied on the weights, otherwise the warps would all be doubled.

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