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July 05, 2009



Congratulations on getting the blanket off of the loom!!

I'm currently putting a dog on the loom, and not enjoying it. At a fundraiser I auctioned off "make a scarf from your dog's fur." I told the winner that what I needed was her dog's undercoat. What I got was pure hair! I explained that it wouldn't be anything wearable, but she wants it for a keepsake anyway. Nasty spinning. Now I have to weave it--maybe she can use it for a scrub brush. Just want to get it over with.

Wanted to comment on your "learn by doing" essay. My thoughts exactly. I think that learning anything requires a "hook" in your brain to connect to. Making things gets it into my brain, then other information can hook onto it. It's why I deplore schools getting rid of any "hands on" work and depending on texts (or computers). You just can't learn on all levels that way (sigh--this born of my department getting rid of the textile and sewing labs . . .)


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