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June 24, 2009



Bernard Cornwell's cycle is my fave historical treatment of the Arthurian legend. And his books always have a postscript in the back delineating fact from fiction. The first in the series is The Winter King.


Diana Paxson, another SCA founder, actually has degrees in medieval lit, and her books are a vasty improvement over MZB ( who didn't like me personally, apparently based entirely on what I looked like)

Carol Mears

I was going to recommend Rosemary Sutcliff but I see that you have her listed, as a kid I read all her books...



Try out Jack Whytes Camuloud Series. Great stuff.

Keeley the Tinker

Roman Woman: Everyday Life in Hadrian's Britain by Lindsay Allason-Jones

I do a Romano British persona and this is a fascinating look into the daily life. I found it to be well researched. Boring for the average reader. Goes into the minutea of daily life. Getting water, grinding stuff on the moretum, baking, shoes. Curling irons and female gossip. Wonderful.


Thanks!  Ill look out for it.

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