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May 10, 2009



The vertical slit in the top is because it's a period where the transition for fiber-based clothing still has many cultural groups cutting the fabric as they would have cut an animal skin. Hald talks about this. The slitwould have been necessarily there in an animal skin because it was necessary for skinnng the animal.

I still don't believe, as I said on LJ, that this garment is one likely worn by pregnant women. It's concurrent "fashion" with the peplos, which makes far more sense for someone who is pregnant, or who has just given birth in terms of ease of movement and comfort. Evidence for the gown in its various forms from late Bronze Age northern Europe until potentially well into the Viking Age (see Ewing and Owen-Crocker) suggests it's the garment of young and unmarrided women, the uppermost classes and older women (post menopausal).

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