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April 29, 2009


Maerwynn of Holme

The "bowl" that she's talking about is most likely the Sutton Hoo Hanging bowl:


Close-up of millefiori detail:


(You can find many other images with that info. :) )

My research on this isn't the *most* current, but when I was looking into it this bowl was pretty much accepted to be of Celtic manufacture (sometimes even called the "Celtic Hanging Bowl" as I recall).

Millefiori is COOL. There are beads done with the technique as well (though most I am coming up with are more from the Norse period).

There's a guy in Calontir who made millefiori cane for an inlaid cross. It's not easy... :)




Maerwynn - I'm so pleased you continue to contribute! Thanks so much for the cool pics...everybody go see them. (Keep it up and I'll have to figure out how to put up credits for Associated Contributors. :D)

My pal Lavena can do some of these canes...she made me a lovely present of a bunch of her beads, including a FACE BEAD! The original that she copied dating from 100 BC, so it's particularly appropriate to these Borum Eshoj outfits I've been making. Very fun. The checkerboard type is one she figured out recently...I'm so proud of people who experiment and gain skills!

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