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April 14, 2009



Also, can you make me a copy of the Kentish article and the Sword one ( for Seth)?



Fantastic! I'm glad the shop here had some useful things for you.

Only slightly off-topic, as you mentioned it... any thoughts on the recent Beowulf movie? Despite doing a seminar on the poem in college, I haven't seen it -- previews suggested the CGI would be strange and distracting (and yes, there may have been an element of "bah, Hollywood will only mess it up anyway"). Worth watching?


I really like the CGI Beowulf. Neil Gaiman wrote a compelling screenplay. There's some lovely music. The CGI process is fascinating...they can use the look of the actor or substitute something else. It's 'real acting', because the actors have to produce their work in a blank studio, with minimal props. (Obviously the DVD extras are worth watching.) The gore is like the poem.

Gaiman does warn that the movie is not the poem, that the poem inspired the movie...and I don't remember the circular ending to the poem...but it's darkly wonderful and good. I should reread the poem now...I think we have a Seamus Hainey version about somewhere.


Nifty, thank you! (Somehow I'd forgotten that it was a Gaiman screenplay.) I'm intrigued by the idea of giving it a circular ending -- the poem doesn't, but I can kind of see how it could, with just a small twist... Onto the "to rent" list it goes!

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