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February 25, 2009



Next time you're in town, I can give you a disc of Arthurian songs written by SCAdian Jed O'Connor (aka "Silverstar"). Jed departed this world a few years ago, and it would be lovely to think of his music being sung. Some of your older SCAdians there might remember him.

He also wrote a poignant love song about two werewolves, which is not recorded but I remember it.


Google is amazing. "Rhiannon" is one of the songs on the disc--it will give you an idea of the genre.


I have a bunch of stuff I can teach you - I'm a mezzo, but really a coloratura who isn't always as confident in the best parts of her range as she should be.
I need someone besides Ianka to sing the girly songs with...

Steeleye Span, just drop down from Maddie Pryor's range a little bit.

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