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December 22, 2008



Wow, what gorgeous trim! Love it. And what a nice heirloom.

Sadly I can't think of any appropriate period in SCA times for several reasons; firstly the style, i.e. stones massed closely together instead of flaunted individually, & off center; secondly, the cut and mount of the stones - the particular claw mount style and some of the cuts might be very late period but not earlier (the rounds are rose cut? which is latter 1500s and I can't really tell from the photo but the others, especially the marquise, look to be brilliant cuts, which are C.17th); and lastly the Aurora Borealis coating, which was a 1950's invention. Sorry. :-( On the other hand I think the trim would look fantastic on a Little Black Dress.

BTW, I've never commented before, but I'd just like to say I very much enjoy reading both your blogs. Thanks for sharing. :-)


I would so use this for something Bellydance related in that whole Tribaret look.

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