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April 14, 2008



You talk like it's spring or something. :) My daffodils are just up about 3" and that's about it. Even the grass has not started yet. Make me want some warm weather and time in the yard. How do you get it all done? Honnoria


Well, I do have to beat July. I took a tomato workshop recently, and they said to think of our season as two short seasons, interrupted by July and August. I have my first red tomato this week.

Remember, my garden is at 30d North latitude. Spin the globe and look at the difference between the Great Lakes region and Cairo - that's our sun intensity. We're getting a bit of coolth this week - nighttime temp right now is 40, which is pretty chilly for April, though it has translated into wonderful daytime temps.

Getting it all done...I work on the systems. I read productivity stuff, I get up insanely early, I no longer have a 'work for the man' job - am self-employed. I started seeing a life coach a few months ago, and since then my productivity has skyrocketed, because she is helping me refine my life visions. I know what I want to be doing and how I want it to go - makes a tremendous difference.


I put in tomatoes some weeks ago--potted in a former recycling bin; there's some kind of irony in that. I'll have to look up that book. Can I recommend herb 'Mexican tarragon' aka 'mint marigold' for your sunny spot? It gets cheery small golden flowers like you'd expect froma member of tagetes family, tolerates heat, direct sun, and irregular watering, and goes nicely with salad, seafood, chicken, or as a tea. It's called annual, but I've had them go semiperennial at this latitude.

And a life coach--that's not something I might take seriously, ordinarily--a career that too easily admits scam artists. But I could use some vision and productivity refinement. I keep feeling that I don't know quite how to get at what I want--which probably means I haven't defined it well enough yet.

Yellow Toenails ,Tim

Cool I did something similar to my urban backyard. I grow organic food for the two of us and some neighbors. I started out with a small square foot garden but now it has pretty much taken over the backyard. We live in MI so most of the herbs will die if we leave them out during winter so I take most of them and plant them in a flower box and place them in the basement under lights so we have frech herbs all year long.

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