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January 17, 2008



I think I've pointed her this way before, but do you mind if I point Jadi towards your journal? She could probably help you with questions and patterns and such.

And gee, an excuse to visit Atlanta. ;-) Hmmm....weekend sewing and dance get together? Jadi's been teaching a Classical Persian dance class once a month, and we've been talking about maybe doing an all-day Saturday type class.


I've been thinking about the pirahan and how it opens to the navel. There is only one reason (Ok, two, but for all practical purposes one) that a woman would need a shift to open to her navel. And I've decided that since I am an older woman with older children and no more children remotely to follow that I don't need a pirahan open to the navel. Soooooo, I'm going to make mine a bit less drastically long. :) Altough if I had seen these pics back when I did have suckling babes I probably would have jumped at ME garb!

THL Satine

Yeah more people getting into Persian. Now you have gotten me inspred to get my rear in gear and get going on my Persian.. Thanks for the inspiration. I have been stalling this winter...

Her grace Mistress Roxane and her excellency Master Safia are fabulous for answering questions... As for silks and stuff.. I am use cottons for liners(usually an unbleached muslin), and linen on the outer layer form my garb..

I have also seen miniatures of the Joba that has the "hanging sleeve" on both men and women..

Good Luck looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

THL Satine

Hillery Brewer

could you share the patterns from Roxane Farabi? Her links appear to be dead. (I've been asked to teach a quick 15 min class on Persian clothing and the few patterns of hers I've managed to find are wonderful) If it's okay you could mail them to me at fiberferret at gmail dot com


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