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December 06, 2007



How is that neckline lying now that you have the sleeves on? In the picture it looks a little unbalanced.

Also, buttonholes build character! Besides, better to practice buttonholes on his clothes, since he won't obsessively pick at the ones that get screwed up. :)


You could always whipstitch him into it for one wearing and do the buttons later. It's totally historical, all the upscale 14-15thc guys did it, and it hardly takes longer than buttoning buttons.

Plus, at undressing time, you get to cut (or rip) him out of his clothes. Heh.
Goes well with your dress, I should think.

Which really is looking fine, BTW. Though I concur with the other comment: the neck may need a little tweaking as you finish it.

I'm so looking forward to seeing (and dancing with?) you and your lovely new dress next weekend. And it sounds like you're bringing Daan with you too? (Will he dance?)

(One track mind? Guilty.)

I hope I shall have your hood done then-- at least done enough for you to wear. And I will definitely have wool to hand over.

Maudeleyn Godeliva Taillour

The fit down the back is looking good. Good eye on Lorenzo with the neckline- it does look a bit unbalanced.

Yay though, I'm a big fan of the cotehardie!


All right, you lot. The wonkiness with the neckline is because I forgot to staystitch the curve before I cut it out, and tried it on, and it has stretched. I have since staystitched, and when I 'encourage' the web to go back to square by pulling on the staystitch thread, it does better. Also, that center zipper gives the whole torso another half inch of ease, so the GFD breast support aspect is Not Happening Yet. (It will, I just have to get those eyelets in.) When I squish the sides together a bit more, the neckline evens out.

(I'm wondering if there's a bit of anatomical asymmetry going on, too, that has been heretofore unnoticed. Whatever.)

However, I also have the cardwoven edge that I plan to do to Fix Neckline Problems. My execution of that trim technique takes up the edge a bit, so that will really stabilize that curve for me.

Eoin wants me to wear this a week from tomorrow - which would be really cool, I admit...hmm. The biggest thing that I can't cheat on is really the neckline. Sleeve buttons can wait. I can topstitch the center front turnunder for now, and cardweave it later. Eyelets don't take all that long, maybe a movie and a half. (The neckline is more like three.) If I just machine sew all the seams and hems, promise the edge treatments to get to them after I wear it (stinky handsewing! or handwashing)...Four and a half movies and an hour's worth of machine sewing. Don't forget the buttonholes on Daan's cote - that'll be tonight's work. I suppose I can do it. Mercy, I'm getting easy.


Don't lower your standards on my account! I'll settle for just you, forget the dress.

Oh, that sounds bad, doesn't it.

Clearly should have left alone the punch at the office party.

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