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November 20, 2007



My preference would be to match fibers and colors, but that's personal taste, YMV. I think using same linen or wool fibers, matching or similar or contrasting colors are all historically defensible, though I'm not looking at a source in support of that ATM.

The other reconstruction I've seen employing cardwoven edges made do with cotton embroidery floss, but that was quite reinforcing enough that it (Charles of Blois cote) could have buttons & buttonholes right at the edge of the fabric.

If you ever manage to card weave with unplied threads I shall bow down before you.

And I had a thought looking at your eyelets--I blanket- or buttonhole-stitch mine and don't snag aiglets (though admittedly I use metal ones rarely, preferring thread-bound); perhaps it's because I bind them more densely than the ones in your picture? Mine come out more like the ones at the URL I linked.


Looking at T & C, looks like the only one listed fully is of silk tablet weaving, and maybe there was linen one too, but it did not survive. I'll bring the book to Magna Faire-maybe you can find something I didn't.

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