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October 18, 2007



Yul in our group has been doing quite a bit of needle felting. I can ask him where he got his needles and other materials. As great as Jo-Ann's can be, sometimes they don't have the really specialty items we need.


Okay, talked to Yul. He got his first set of needles and brushes at Jo-Ann's. He said you should just be able to ask one of the sale associates for needle felting supplies. Recently he went to his local yarn shop and got better (and probably more period) needles. He said you could also look on the internet for supplies, or to get an idea of what you need. Apparently there was a fiber convention-type thingy going on in NC he was hoping to make it to last weekend. I swear if you two are at the same event I'm just going to introduce you and stand back. ;-)

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