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September 20, 2007


Ann Durham

Bobbin winders are unitaskers. What else are they good for.

For considerably less, you can buy a power drill. Stick a chopstick in the chuck. Put the bobbin on the chopstick (put a shim in it if necessary). Wind away.

Power drills have many uses, a bobbin winder only one.




Ruthie Anderson

I wonder why "Francis" was written backwards?

Do you remember the woman's name who owned it previously?

I am researching Dorset looms for an article. I would love to have info from anyone who has a Dorset loom. I would like to get info regarding the following questions and please include any additional info you would like to share.

1. Is there a brass nameplate on the top of the loom? What does it say?
Location of name?
2. Is the Company name pressed into the wood on the castle? What does it say?
Location of name?

3. How old is your loom? (If anyone bought their's new, we would really like
to hear from them!)

4. Is the wood Maple, Oak or Cherry?

5. Weaving width is it?

6. # shafts and # treadles?

7. Does anyone have an family info on F C Wood and family?

8. What have you woven on it that is particuarly interesting?

Thank you.
ruthieanderson (at symbol) yahoo.com

Sharon Lee

Hi, I also have a Dorset by F.C. Wood. This is on the brass plate on the top. If you have found the answers to any of your questions, I would love to know them. Sharon


I just got a little Dorset yesterday. Really needed some work that I'm doing today. I think it had a rough life but no longer. It is turning into a thing of beauty. It has a brass plate on the top:
Dorset Looms
F. C. Wood
So. Dorset, VT

Anne Bunch

Yesterday I bought a used Dorset loom. The owner had several looms and many supplies. After she died her daughters were finding new homes for her materials. I was excited to get a nice loom at a low cost as I don't know anything about weaving but want to get started. I hope I'm not in over my head.

I haven't seen a brassplate. The name is engraved on the wood. I don't know how old it is. I really don't know enough to answer the rest of the Ruthie's questions but will try to find out.

Becky Mallory

I have a dorset loom that I bought brand new about 30 years ago. It is in really good shape. i haven't used it in years. It has been in storage. I think I should probably get it out of storage and try to sell it. i am in East TN. Bought the loom in Western NC. Let me know if you are interested in buying. I think it is a 26" i have 2 reeds, bobbin winder, lease sticks and a warping board. Oh and a bench.

Janet Harness

I have a Dorset loom. It has a brass plate with: Dorset Loom by FC Wood. It is maple, four harness, four treadle. My Grandmother bought it in 1977 when she saw it as a smaller, more portable loom. It is 20" wide. I don't know its actual age, but it is a joy to use.

Lyna Rizor

Hello! We're the ones who sold 'Francis' to you, I recognized our front yard in the photo. The loom belonged to Lee's mother, Mary Frances Rizor. She wrote her name 'frontward' as a lefty. I can't be sure about when or how she first got the loom, prior to 1980 I believe. Regretfully, I never knew her well, especially after we moved from Michigan to Alabama.
I am delighted to find Francis well loved in its new home.

Joan Reed

I used to weave many, many years ago and have always had to put it off because of money or lack of space, etc. I brought it up to a friend and she told me of one in her Mother's basement that had been a gift to her 20 to 30 years ago. Just waiting for me. I am not sure all the things I still need to get but all of that is soon. It has Dorset Loom punched into the wood at the middle top and the right side on top is also punched in, by F.C.Wood. It is about 22-23 inches wide. The weaving is 20 1/2 wide. Am I the luckiest person alive? I do believe so. If it is half as nice as everyone says, I don't understand why me. I must have done something right. Who out there knows of a book on the Dorset's and how to find out what pieces I might be missing or need to have. Right now I need to find a chair or bench. Thanks everyone already for the info you have out there.

Ted Goodsell

Hi, My name is Ted G. and from 1975 to 1979, I worked for Stan U, and F C Wood in the preparation and assembly of the Dorset Loom. I was in the USN at the time and worked part time for about 3 1/2 years. I am now fully retired. I now live in the area where we previously assembled the Loom. I am trying to find out if the Dorset Looms are still being assembled and sold. Thanks for the information above.
Best Regards, Ted G-

Scott S.

Ted G. I am excited to read your post. Can you tell us what the F and the C stand for in F C Wood? I am in Waterford NY and we are trying to determine the history of the dorset loom company to see if it intersects with this old erie canal town.

Where did you previously assemble the loom?

This is very exciting :-)

Juicy Couture

I had this website saved a while in the past but my computer crashed.

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