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July 29, 2007


Ann Durham

Beautiful loom. But that's a counter-balance loom--nice and smooth, with a good shed (opening between the threads). But counter balance looms are not quite as good as jack looms if you ever want to do a weave with one harness working against three--they're made to use the harnesses in pairs. (a 3-1 twill will be weft-dominant on one side and warp-dominant on the other--so you can have the two sides different colors).

You want to see a drop-dead gorgeous loom, check them out at http://www.goldingfibertools.com/

Nice if you have a spare $10,000 or so . . .

L Joubert

Hi, I just fount this awesome post on the net and was wondering whether I could get in contact with you as I have just purchased a loom exactly as the one shown on this post and need some more information regarding the loom.

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