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May 28, 2007


Ann Durham

"shaggy rugs"
In the documentation for the Folkwear Pattern Kinsale cloaks, they talk about how some of the robes were "shaggy." This was a pile made by brushing the final fabric (made from long-wooled sheep) and then working it into swirls. I wonder if that's what they mean here.

Ann Durham

Would I fail you?
Joining two pieces of cloth together with a wee gap in between is called faggoting. Instructions are at http://vintagesewing.info/1920s/26-fcm/fcm-14.html
(go about halfway down the page).

And you're right about linen--lovely stuff. I want to sew some when I get the kitchen floor finished (I'm about 3/4 done). Where did you get the lovely green stuff that you had when you visited?


I adore handsewing linen. The only quasi-drawbacks I see are the need to thoroughly finish the edges since it ravels as enthusiastically as it creases (if only it felted like wool, it would be nature's miracle fabric), and to use it in contexts that don't discriminate against creases as "untidy wrinkles".

Leine sleeves are not inherently impractical. I have worn them and done all manner of craft and kitchen work--for which they can be folded/tucked back. when they are fully deployed, they are good for carrying things in, and comfortable in warm or cold weather. Of course a Scotsman has his choice of anglo or celtic style, so can follow his preference.

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