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March 22, 2007


HL Eoin

I don't see me in that picture. And sadly, I don't know the name of the lady trimmed in fur--I only remember her telling me it was real white fox, and felt like being wrapped in housecats.


Darn! I thought I had you sorted. I'm terribly sorry. Send me mail and describe yourself, so I know who to imagine. (feeling very embarrassed)

(wrapped in housecats! Unfortunately, I rather know what that's like...)

Edwardus the Wise

The woman in pink in the photograph from the Knowne Worlde Dance Night is Rose Eriksdottir, dance minister of Glen Abahn.


Oops! That's not my wife, that's my Laurel, Duchess Katrina!


And the fuzzy-garbed Lady with Count Sir Corwin is Francesca dei Rossi.

Crystal's SCA name, btw, is Palfi Jozsa.

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