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February 07, 2007


Edwin of Grimsby

Eat a traditional ethnic food group, that sounds great in theory but lets look at say a traditional English diet. Lots of boiled food. All the vitamins and minerals are lost to this type of cooking. Lots of fats (lets talk about fish and chips on newspaper shall we?). with a modern spin to these traditional foods, less fried food and food fried in better oils. Less boiling to mush and more cooking till tender to retain the vitamins and minerals. So I understand the idea of a traditional diet, but I think you can add modern ideas to it.

Also with the prevalent spread of sugar and processed sugar, the palate of the modern people is dramatically different from say depression era or middle ages people.

Can we say that middle ages people had less diseases or better health than we do today? Starvation is a great way to keep the pounds off, so is working your 1 acre farm from sunup to sundown hauling things around the farm and keeping the farm animals fed and tended. We live a sedentary life.

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