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September 16, 2009


Jorg Breuning

There are no concerns with green roofs when done right!
Germany has over 1 billion square feet of new green roof construction every year - since more than 20 years. There is no fire reported!
As said - when done right - regarding materials, plant selection and use of green roof.
I wouldn't say tray systems - as seen in the movie - are the best solution against fire hazards but it is a good start.
I understand that America is concerned because America is behind most environmental technologies or often tries to reinvent the wheel.

Rodney Orton

Wait, green roofs had been in used in Norway for centuries and I'd never heard of an incident involving fire because of these roofs. Green roofs are also a growing trend in Japan because of the lack of space for gardens. I think yeah, if properly done, green roofs are definitely safe.

Galliena Gornet

Would an access door to the attic solve the problem with metal roofs? What can you suggest to the homeowners who already have metal roofs for their houses?

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