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September 21, 2009



The stripe is there to show you what angle the sword was at when it hit you. If there's no stripe, you probably got hit with the tip.


Norm's SCA name is Count Ardion Dochesefford known as the Irontower. We are so bad around here about using SCA names that Troy gets called "Sir Troy" too (his is Lorcan Dubhgall). It's weird, but more people know me as Grainne...Seamus isn't the only one that fights with the small shields...Cedric and Genevieve (Ed and Michelle) each also have one.


Small shields are way fun. Long shields don't necessarily mean that you can't hit 'em on that leg, though. Just that you need to make them move the shield. I probably need to make myself a buckler, anyway. And actually come out to fighter practice. Hi, by the way! I'm Mike (or Farooq, if you prefer). Found your site looking for persian fighting garb patterns, and I was like "Whoa! Oldenfelder! Neat!" because it's two AM and I'm easily excited.

Oh, right. Don't try to stop yourself in mid-swing just using your shoulders. It's an awesome way to pop things right out of socket. Take it from me, I'm a pro at shoulder failure.

Oh yeah, and learn to love the bruises.


Hello, Mike/Farooq -thanks for commenting!
If you're ever in Meridies, you might introduce yourself to Master Sir
Geoffrey (frequently wears a red chaperone). I understand that he sometimes
fights in a char aina (Persian/Indian armor?). Perhaps he'll be at
Panhandle Skirmishes, but almost certainly at Gatalop.


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