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January 15, 2009


Maerwynn of Holme

As a starting place, if you've got those refs, the closest to Jutish is Kentish... Kent and Isle of Wight are the traditional areas ascribed to the Jutes. They also have the most continental/Frankish influence, though... :)

Early period is both tough and exciting because of the relative paucity of sources. Have fun!


Yes, the Kent finds documented in Rogers are Jutish, and the tabletweaving found in Northamptonshire is too. This makes sense, actually, if you consider that people moved fastest around by water. Jutland is 'across the way', as it were.

I'm actually liking the paucity of sources, as a novice archeology student, because it means there's not too much to confuse the field.

Hawi Moore

Thanks for sharing

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